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  • Blog – September 29, 2014

    3 reasons to move to data-centric eProcurement

    The first wave of eProcurement platforms enabled buyers and sellers to exchange tenders, proposals and information as documents. Whilst this “document-centric” model delivers some efficiency savings compared to printing and posting documents, moving to a data-centric eProcurement model delivers a wider range of efficiencies and enables buyers to take their eProcurement to the next level.… Read More »

  • Blog – September 24, 2014

    3 key challenges of complex procurement process

    Many organisations are comfortable using eProcurement solution to run straightforward procurement activity. However, real value can be gained from adopting the same technology for complex requirements. In this blog we look at 3 way that a complex procurement process challenges your team and process.

  • Blog – April 17, 2014

    Is Tim Cook’s rise good news for CPOs everywhere?

    Whilst filling the shoes of a leader like Steve Jobs is no easy task, Tim Cook’s rise to the top job at Apple could be good news for CPOs everywhere. Cook’s track record was built in supplier relationships at companies including Compaq and IBM. Does the rise of a former Chief Procurement Officer to one… Read More »